IoT Case Study

Problem Context

Processing large datasets and making contextual visualizations is a challenge. We worked with Government of Andhra Pradesh to publish processed real time videos, geotag them and make meaningful visualizations. These are the challenges that were present

Computing metrics like densities attached to locations was a challenge

Aggregation of sensor information onto a single platform

Time series

Visualization of trends and their access on a network


KAIINOS built data models to capture processed data streams and post them on a spatial data platform.Web GIS based Dashboards were designed for stakeholders to get the latest crowd information with near real time updates. Our team was able to capture multi source sensor data and publish them on a single interface.

We provided a turnkey solution where we were able to create system capacity to hold heterogeneous datasets and index time for faster turn around times. We were also able to form a team of volunteers with the support of AP Government and Nannaya university locally to help in handling the system.



Our Team

IoT Case Study
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