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Efficiency Drivers

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    Our products enable your team take more informed decisions faster

  • Processes

    By seamlessly integrating with your systems, our products result in efficient processes

  • Time

    Our products enable quantifiable & tangible savings in time and costs

Case Studies

Mobile application enables users in-charge of water bodies
– To monitor tank renovation works
– To add or update assets of the water bodies like hydrographic profiles.
– To add water bodies to the department database.
This mobile application is currently developed to be used in Android smart phones. It accessing in-built hardware of the phones like GPS, camera and network. This helps in gathering multimedia data and posting it to a remote database with the help of mobile data networks or WiFi. The application also works offline where there is no network coverage. This application is also capable of updating itself from a remote server.

After due authentication from authorizer, the user will be able to use the application. Based on user's location, and his assigned jurisdiction the user will be able to visualize the tanks of his jurisdiction only. The user will be able to update the progress of the tanks or edit the existing tank profile or add a new tank. Based on validation of the data on a web interface the field information is pushed into the lake management and monitoring system.

This application is capable consuming custom maps as a web service. Based on location, date and username, user gets access to the data. The data is downloaded and stored locally for update during field visits. The user has to update data in a given time bound. If user fails to do so then data gets locked which can be released again from administrative authorities. This work-flow thus enables performance of users in field work.

Apart from access and update regular map view features like information on tap, zoom functionality, local offline storage and upload to server are provided. The application is compliant with WFS-T of OGC.

Asset Mapping
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