In India there are many organizations working on restoring eco-systems in drylands. Challenge for such organizations is availability of technology and data to showcase the impact of their work.

KAIINOS, is using open satellite data and helping such organizations measure the impact their work quantitatively.

Impact on climate change

Surface temperature can be measured using thermal sensors of satellites. This can be monitored over a period of time and trends can be derived to understand the effect of restoration efforts in a given area.

Quantifying land cover changes

Land cover can be measured using classification based on vegetation indices. These measurements can be correlated to ground truth to actually quantify the changes that happen from time to time.


acres geographical area




land use practices

Satellite datasets have been used to understand temporal changes in land cover. Elevation datasets are used to derive the water stream networks. Based on these two datasets current land use is generated and compared to historical data.

This approach helps us to quantify the changes that have happened over a period of time and also enable us to plan the eco-restoration.

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Eco restoration Impact Analysis
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