Data gathering

Data for this analysis is collected from a mobile app. Our friends and family have helped us in populating the traffic datasets. The android application named “Kriti Marg” is given to about 50 users, which collects the GPS coordinates with a time interval of 20 secs. All this data is posted to a server where it is assimilated for further analysis.

This platform is scalable and can be used in any other city for data collection.

Analytical Outcomes

Contrary to popular perception the traffic flow is smoother during office hours in the morning. In the afternoon around 3:00 pm traffic is low. As shown in the graph traffic congestion peaks during the 17th hour i.e., 5:00 pm. People wait on an average of 100 seconds at the junctions in the evenings. Vizag being a tourist spot probable there are more people moving toward beach during that time. Also this data is collected during summer so may be there is more crowd going towards beach resulting in more traffic.

  • The bubble map given below gives the waiting time of the vehicle which is proportional to the radius of the bubble.
    • We find that the places around the RTC complex are prone to more waiting than compared to the areas along the Highway.

    • The flyover however reduced the time of reaching Sampath Vinayagar Road from Railway Station.

This project can be made to use in larger extent with the increase in the collection of data and the real time analysis can be useful to various departments of the government like the Road transport as well to many individuals to reduce their time of travel.


We choose traffic analysis as our case study because the people in urban areas are experiencing severe traffic problems. This analysis helped us understand the data sources available to map spatial distribution of congestion.


Some of the Urban areas are experiencing the traffic problems in India. To understand congestion and reasons for that we have tried to map the routes and time taken by different transportation modes. Gathering data and analyzing it was fun.


The task of reaching the destination in the minimum time has become very essential especially in the heavy populated urban areas. With the case study of Visakhapatnam, we attempt for finding the traffic congestion areas and also find the fastest mode, route of travel. KAIINOS helped a lot in giving support for the beginners like us.

Uha Kanakavalli

Most of the urban cities like Vishakapatnam are facing severe traffic congestion. So, there is a need to analyze and categorize the traffic in order to save our valuable  time . I learned  how to handle geo-spatial data  for problem solving and analysis.
Traffic Analysis
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