We help organizations in re-engineering their existing processes to incorporate the dimension of location. Depending on the use case we provide them mobile,web and desktop GIS tools. These tools are developed using existing open source libraries to minimize cost and maximize scalability and interoperability.

GIS Components

Spatial Databases

The GIS solutions that we build have spatial databases as core components. Our systems are capable of consuming spatial data from stand alone databases, web services, RDBMS and JSON databases.  This versatility of handling different sources of spatial data enables us to serve users in multiple domains. We have built our tools on open standards such that they are compatible with data models of other domain software as well.

Temporal Datasets

Time is a very important parameter in most of the analysis pertaining to location. We have fine tuned our GIS models in such a way that they inherently handle the dimension of time as well. Location and time going hand in hand enables users to have very insightful analysis about the information that streams out of the system. We deliver best in class spatio-temporal solutions to our partners.


Any information platform benefits from presentation through rich dashboards. We offer services to our partners in designing and developing dashboards with maps and charts. Map being a first citizen we offer our services to clients performing in urban governance, watershed management, demographic analysis and eco-restoration. Our intuitive dashboards are very lightweight and handle multi-dimensional data sets.


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