Technology Customization

We customize data models and our products to suit the end user requirements. The domains that we work in are multi-disciplinary and most of the times need solutions specific to the locale of deployment.



Data gathering tools custom built for the organizational needs can handle data originating from multiple sources and thus reducing data management costs.


We develop integrated geospatial solutions where people across hierarchies can share the information.


Dashboards that we build help enterprises unravel valuable spatio-temporal relationships on the data captured.


We provide analysis of data streams from spatial, temporal and non spatial sources to provide valuable insights.

Technology customization helps organizations build economically viable processes or customize existing ones.By seamlessly integrating with existing systems, this results in efficient processes. These customized processes translate to quantifiable & tangible savings in time and costs and also minimize your footprint to gain short term & long term competitive advantage.

3E Innovation Framework

Our 3 pronged strategy to inculcate Innovation in our products


Gain significant cost by using our products


Streamline your organization processes


Build sustainable solutions minimizing energy footprint