Western Ghats SDI is a

unique effort enabling different stakeholders in biodiversity conservation to access and analyze spatial data for decision making.

OGC Webservices

All the spatial data has been made available using WMS and WFS webservices as per OGC standards. Registered Users can download data or use the services to perform analysis.

Desktop Access

Data residing in the SDI can accessed from Desktop tools such as QGIS, gvSIG. The WMS and WFS urls can be used to access the data of the SDI.


Along with the SDI, Kriti - an Android based mobile App, has been developed to enable users to post spatial data directly to the SDI. This unique feature enables dynamic updation of this SDI.


Web Analytics prototyping for Richness Index has been done and integrated into this SDI. User can visualize the clusters of various species present in the Western ghats on the Web GIS interface.

Open Source

In developing this SDI Free and Open Source Software tools for Geoinformatics (FOSS4G) like Geoserver, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Openlayers have been used.


As this SDI is developed using standard compliant libraries, this SDI can be deployed in all major operating system platforms such as Windows, Linux, MacOS etc. Also this SDI can be customized as a cloud service due to the underlying architecture.


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