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Dev fest in Kochi

DEVFEST COCHIN was a one day event organized by Google Developers Group. It was a vibrant convergence of innovation, which brought together tech enthusiasts, developers, and innovators from diverse fields, fostering an environment conducive to collaborative ideation and knowledge exchange. 

The main topics which came into discussion were android development, Cloud computing, Firebase, Google Workspace, Machine Learning, Vertex AI, Generative AI, and Web technologies. All sessions were handled by eminent speakers  like Google Developer Experts and industry leaders. The first session delved into quantum computing and explored the impact of quantum applications across various domains. The flagship session primarily focused on webGPS and Trusted Web Activities, making it an exceptionally captivating experience. A session was dedicated to Green Computing and its significance. Hands on session was one attractive part of this event and it was based on Flutter game development. Some special event was conducted over there on the topic ‘Women Tech Makers’ for both the empowerment and appreciation for women in this field. There was a session on designing experiences which clearly picturized the idea of website designing and it was named as ‘illusion of progress’.It was one such exciting session. Another one was on leak proof android applications. It gave us a clear idea on what memory leak is. They also introduced some open  source library apps like LeakCanary, Perfetto and Android Studio Profiles which helps in finding memory leaks.